…And what if on the client‘s end you don’t have any criteria, previously defined aims, desires or wishes?

Your hands are not tied by rules you must follow. Such assignments are probably the most coveted ones- when the client relies on you and all you have to do is convince the client with your flow of words that he or she can easily depend on you.

If the client gives you the freedom to do how you see it best, then there’ s no reason for you to be reserved and stingy, keeping what you know to yourself only.

There are some places that I tend to visit more than once a year. On each visit I must always somehow make it clear to the person whose service I’m after that I absolutely wouldn’t know how to go about doing what he or she does everyday for a living. Certain trades are a mistery to me. My way of words in the translation business don’t come even near their world. Maybe I can to some extent define and describe what they are doing while performing certain tasks, but their’s is a completely different universe, so distant from plainly translating.

And here I return again to „my“ hairdresser.

I position myself as comfortably as I can on the chair in front of the mirror. My hair wet and combed out, unformed. Even while having my hair washed, I went through a mild torture with the question how to have my hair cut. So to get rid of the nagging dilemmas, I sincerely blurted out: Don’t have any idea what to do with my hair. I would appreciate if you could offer some suggestion.

There. That was said. An outright confession that I don’t have a clue. Now it was the hairdresser’s turn to assure me that I was in perfect hands. She will know what to do. No worries.

But instead she just gave me a magazine on up-to-date hairstyles and told me to pick out a few that I liked. She would proceed from there.

Well, what then to expect from somebody who claims to be a hairdresser and who doesn’t even try to show me even a bit of the her universe? Wouldn’t that be so easy considering that I am no competition to her? No fear that I would „steal“ some tricks of the trade from her.

So she kept her universe more remote than I thought she would, seeing how curious I was to hear what she could have said. Only if we love what we’re doing are we able to speak highly and so fascinatingly about it.


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