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Choosing between what’s safe and what is not

God works in mysterious ways. I'll use this idea just to lead you into a story I had a role in some weeks ago. As you know, I'm walking on a path of a freelancer who has somewhat regulated his/her business form. Maybe I can be called a small entrepreneur, but I would...

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Drawing comparisons- what is your value?

If a translator works within an agency, he or she is somewhat secured. Security comes in the form of working for somebody who pays for your work without delay and brings you clients who you can work for, although not directly. You maybe do not wish to be in direct...

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Budapest memories-combining business with pleasure

This post might seem a spontaneous one. It partly is, but as with everything that must look businesslike, it must entail a form, it must have a precise content and most important, it must be planned ahead. The case with me is, I don't like making plans, but what you...

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