Black Friday craze

Black Friday. Game on. Its’ that time. Why are’t you coming along? Christmas is not that far away. That should be the cause enough to make you go “insane”, queue in front of your favourite shop for hours.

They say Croatians play the same game as the Americans. Their customs are so easily transferred onto this society, that sometimes i fear that all the good in the customs here will soon be lost.

Copycats. The shops and their advertising is fiercely attacking our sight. As if the endless line up of adverts on the telly didn’t put us off enough. Interesting enough, they say that this day, or the weekend following the Friday, had to come after Thanksgiving day- the peace and quiet instilled by a period of spending time together as a family. The weekend after that was used for shopping. To pump up the sales figures American commerce devised a controversial feast of discounts. Hoards of people grabbed at the opportunity to raid the shops and buy the stuff they desired the entire year.

The allure of shop windows is stronger, but Croatian windows do not offer lavish discounts. The stay at 40 and occasionally 50% . They are not that generous as the famed American and UK discounts. However, that is more than enough for Croatians to wait patiently in front of a shop selling “entertainment” in Tresnjevka (that’s a quarter in Zagreb). People there are like domino blocks slowly falling down as the shop opens.

It is thought that many shops were “in the red” throughout most of the year but they later “went into the black” the day after Thanksgiving, when shoppers bought a significant amount of discounted merchandise. 

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the Croatian ad

Another matter here is the usage of the phrase “Black Friday” to denote this day and not translating it overall into “crni petak”, the Croatian term. So they use “Black Friday ponuda” (B F offer). Another English word or phrase to invade the Croatian language.

I’m staying immune to this Black Friday. Thanks to my short illness, I won’t be buying into this lunacy. I like to shop close to Christmas.

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