What can you contribute to the world? If the people chosen to be our hands and voices to do just that, don’t deliver?

Messages and actions are made just to get us into their webs, flies captured in their meticulously woven, deceitful stories. Greta is just one of the known figures that maybe speaks our language, and begins to annoy and attack those who are “hard of hearing”.

It makes no sense to work only for survival. There should be more to it than that. Beyond survival and more important is the selfless need to help. The money you earn, a share of it, could be put into humanitarian aims and causes you think make a difference in this world.

Even though my earnings are small, I still allocate different sums to projects, causes and actions that seek outside help, especially when those who should act on it, show neglect and lack of feeling. I especially like animals. Any cause involving animals is close to my heart. WWF or some local action to prevent dogs wandering aimlessly and without owners on the streets of my city or cities in Croatia, they have my support.

Having a lot of respect for the works of architects in the past, but also for those in the present, I felt much sadness when I heard of the fire in Paris, entangling the Notre Dame, such a masterpiece of human endeavour. There was also rage that the same human element could harm and destroy such a beauty almost capable to withstand the natural elements. The project that aims to restore its beauty and put a protective arm around is, is one of the projects at present which I support.

Donate the great feeling when you finish a project and it is paid
– donate the gratitude that you feel when the client has “awarded” you for your work

You must give in order to HAVE something. This HAVE is not that necessary. The giving part is so noble and selfless -it must become the universal aim in our businesses.

You certainly shouldn’t expect to get a Thank you from those who you help, but a random Thank you card I got from the Friends of Notre Dame is among the most nicest things I experienced this business year. Not by e-mail, but by post. I put the card into a frame and it stands in my kitchen now, just above the cooker.

“In a world that is inundated with people who need help, it can be increasingly hard to know how, and where, we should give our time and money.

Our hearts move us more than our heads. This might not always be a good thing, but it’s how most of us live. However, if you choose a cause with great prospects, and tested solutions, you can have an enormous impact.”

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