Translators are like footballers, but more diversified, because footballers tend to perform tasks as they are distributed by their coaches and they rarely do otherwise. They specifically carry out what they are told, and they can be deemed as experts in their own field- scorers, defenders, midfield players…Diversification is not something that they contemplate doing. Each individual excels at a specific job- that’s what the person has been trained to do. The football world championship led me to come out with this line of thinking, but any other profession is similar in that you must obtain the skills and knowledge necessary for a certain field of activity. And when you start to work in a  profession, you don’t just stop at a certain level of having attained the necessary tools to execute a job. You work on yourself. This doesn’t come without investing. Set aside some money and think about how you can be a more rounded person. Footballers are definitely not that endowed with this possibility of deviating from a specified track. They follow the road which turned out beneficial for them: playing midfield- that’s what works, and if the opponent is on the move, then assisting in the defense, maybe. Translators are constantly adapting to the market, and the market is dictated by needs. Sometimes it seems as if we are chasing these needs, mostly when there are some quiet times around, when you have to actively listen and gauge what is needed and react quickly, before the possible offer for a project evaporates.

Footballers chase the ball and they are after getting the ball behind the back of the goalkeeper. Translators chase opportunities and meet them with their skills, which must be continuously updated in order to turn the opportunity into an asset both for the client and for the translator. If footballers belong to a team, to what team does a translator belong? Well, the translator builds a team with the client – a team that is based on active listening and close cooperation. There will be a goal if both of them cooperate and react quickly, the ball will then be passed aptly from one player to the next until the final shot behind the goalkeeper.


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