I went to sleep last night only after I had written a short e-mail to a person I don’t know.

That’s not utterly true. I know her through a collaboration with a middleman (a company) who asked me to translate thi person’s business website into English.

The day I decided to send the e-mail I had previously read an article in a Croatian business newspaper I occasionally turn to to fillter out potential clients. Her name stood out as one of the winners of the title “Best woman entrepreneuer in Croatia”. When I looked at the business associated to her name, I instantly remembered that it was her business that i had done the translation for, although requested not by her directly. I felt exhilirated and was sincerely glad to hear that. I can’t say that I felt pride, because translators of websites are not that visible and the business doesnt necessarily have to flourish because of the translator’s aptitude with which the website was translated.

We mould the image by words and the imagery we instill in the minds of the readers, who will eventually become clients of our own clients. We are made visible when we interpret and our presence is just indirectly felt when we translate.

I sent the e-mail spontaneously, not awaiting any response. How pleasantly shocked I was to find early the next morning that the addressed person replied. Somehow I could have known that words of praise would be readily accepted. The person thanked me on the kind e-mail and went on to say how good it felt to be recognized in her trade, where the competition is merciless. She ended he mail by wishing luck in my further endeavours. She sent the mail probably before business hours, a  few minutes before 8am.

So, in a way, you show to others, your potential clients and those with whom you are working with or would like to take on more work with that you care and that you follow what they are doing. What you hear and read about them you don’t keep to yourself, but share the knowledge with precisely those people who the news were about. Thereby you are not just sitting on the sidelines, letting the infomation reach you, but you send out these information to those who have created them.

This example also shows that if you congratulate and speak with words of praise and recognition, the recipients of this message will quickly get back to you, even if just by thanking, but they might keep in mind that you are a person not just willing to cooperate on pure business terms, but you also want to relate to them and reach out to them when they experience success.

This is just one example I have in my portfolio of business practices. I’ll write about another one, which ended on a more sour note, later. Post of similar subject here: https://tralangia.com/communication/

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