This post might seem a spontaneous one. It partly is, but as with everything that must look businesslike, it must entail a form, it must have a precise content and most important, it must be planned ahead. The case with me is, I don’t like making plans, but what you don’t like can’t take a lion’s share of what you do- it has to be minimised when possible and must be turned into its opposite somehow. Random ramblings.

Budapest memories

I must say this: I’m glad that I will have the opportunity to visit Budapest once again, for the first time this year, on business. This post then has something to do with in that it touches upon possibilities. Budapest is, by the way, not far from my birthplace, some 60 kilometers away, but if we take into consideration the place I work from Croatia, then the distance become bigger. Not impossible to bridge within some 7 hours, but still a considerable distance.

When I do my work, I often think of Hungary-the life standard there, the devastating conditions in which one must earn one’s pay (compared to Croatian standards, they are poor indeed), the corruption prevalent there (not different from that here in Croatia) and a case that made me more bitter having to do with a Hungarian celebrity who had in no way indebted the country and still managed to get a position that enables him to earn a living politicians are only willing to die for, and that without knowing (speaking) the language he actually is requested to know in order to perform his responsible duty (presenting Hungary in the eyes of Italians). Here it is where corruption steps into the picture. A big swamp the country has become and it’s only the Budapest memories and the forthcoming event in Budapest (conference involving many translators and interpreters) that manage to lift me out of this textual swamp.

But the situation in the life of translators is also reminiscent of swamps. A continuous battle not to get dragged down to the bottom of it by the neverending occasions a translator gets lured into the trap of having to work for less and less. When he or she succeeds to find a way out of it and earn a fair pay, the swamp is in far sight, but it comes nearer everytime the translator has not got that many possibilities to evade it- a month when clients don’t rush through the doors, clients don’t pay in time and one has to keep a watching eye… Even if the swamp is somewhere near, the Budapest memories will keep it at bay.

One definitely has to approach upcoming events without a morsel of interest one may obtain from them.I know I won’t be attending just because there’s anything in it for me. Budapest attracts and invigorates. It lifts up your spirits and gives you a motivation even if the covering of the distance in order to get there is pretty exhausting. You have to exhaust yourself to experience something- let us just hope it will be good in the end.



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