Bargaining, must that really be? I am mostly against this and I will tell you why.  Bargaining has always been a way to get something cheaper. This is usually done at markets, out in the open, on the streets. It is a common method and sometimes required, at times even desired in certain cultures. I didn’t go into it very deep, but I think that in certain cultures it is considered a rude thing not to bargain. A necessity that must simply be. Just like burping when you are invited for dinner with people from Bahrain.

When bargaining creeps into the making of business, I simply don’t know how to counter it. Sometimes you must decide how you are going to react and then apply the same reaction if it turns out to be effective.  It’s good when it’s just the same as you would like to react and not something that you would hate to do, but what is advantageous for your business. Abiding the rules of good conduct and no deviation from it.  Here in Croatia it’s a common thing to do some bargaining. The economic crisis hit us all and it looks like 2017 may well be the year when things will fall into place. Still, I can’t accept bargaining. Either as a way of making business or testing that somebody who you are asking for a service will he or she give in. If the person on the other side gives in, that could be a sign of the fact that business for that person is not running good, and that he/she will settle for less in hope that a good job done for less may later result in more jobs, but again done at a lower rate.

The cumbersome questions

I’m often asked questions like: “Could you accept this or that rate?” “I can’t offer you that rate at the moment, but could you consider this rate for a change?” or “Could you offer us a discount as it’s more than one document?”and “I contacted you as you have done a project for a good friend of mine and he recommended you, but could you offer a discount too?”. Some of the questions are understandable, but I simply can’t comprehend how a first time client can ask for a discount if we hadn’t made business before.

Bargaining at the outset is a bad custom. To me at least. I can’t bring myself to ask for a discount when I have never bought from a person before. You can bargain when you are familiar with a service provider, when you have shown some regularity, either in purchasing or communicating with the person in one way or another, just letting the person know that you are there. If you are a regular payer and you are not needed to be reminded of paying for a service, next time when you ask for a service, you can easily be awarded with the prospect of a discount. But bargaining can never be the initial step.

How to proceed

First, let’s get to know each other, let me see how you react to my information and emails, let me get an idea of how prompt you are going to pay. All this comes  before. Bargaining comes next. No hard feelings, even if we live in a culture where bargaining seems so an easy act. Learn to appreciate the rate for the first job, then we can discuss the rate for the second, based on the communication and the outcome of the first.





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