So, I got an offer. I wrote an email asking a potential coworking space (and here are the best spaces of that kind) for a quote which would cover at least 4 Fridays in a given month to spend in such a space. At least one day in a week- that was the initial idea. Whether I will earnestly consider the offer or not, is still to be decided.

This year I had already spent a considerable amount of money to obtain a certain degree of visibility in case translation services were needed either by companies or individuals. That meant paying for ads in newspaper and Internet platforms. Oddly enough, conferences were not an item on the to-do-list. Last year there was Budapest  in the summer months, but this year more emphasis was laid on generating enough income to spend it lavishly on my 3-weeks-stay in Heidelberg, Germany.

Coming back to Zagreb and it’s December already. The end of year makes one to reflect upon what has been done so far and what can be done in the remaining 4 weeks to round up the 365 day period of relentless freelancing- working for myself and trying to stay afloat amidst so many colleagues giving up and abstaining from maintaining business models that do not foresee a chef you have to lay you accounts to.  The one decision to be made is that on how to approach clients with whom I had the opportunity to work with and latently „remind“ them that I will be still around in the next year.

There’s nothing merrier than coming to the realisation that your work is appreciated and that it is worth the money you are asking for it, although of course, raising rates should also be gradually drawn into the picture. But first and foremost, a feeling of gratitude is overcoming me, as the year draws to its close. Gratitude is a nice sentiment. It should be shared privately and in the business world.  What better way than to send out Thank you cards! What do you think of running this course of gratitude and showing it explicitly to a smaller circle of clients who repeatedly turned to you and were well mannered and fair to pay for the service timely, not waiting or hesitating to pay after being sent a reminder.

So, I’m currently making a list. What names will turn up on it, is a secret, of course.


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