Tight deadlines do not entice translation experts, yet in the modern world being fast is what everything comes to.

Tight deadlines are only counterproductive. Who would like to work under pressure with having a deadline of say 2 hours to translate a text of 500 words?! If you are really translation experts, then isn’t being quick that what you are supposed to really guarantee (position of a client)?

Undoubtedly there are translation experts who thrive in pickles and dire straits, but those of us who are quite hesitant to use CAT tools (although it’s a prerequisite for this job), we appreciate when the client has a fairly good heart and lets us work at a more normal pace. I’m very much grateful when that’s the case and I tend to stretch time whenever I can to hand in the translations in order to deliver the best possible product.

Every product needs time, and this one is a special mental product. Much care and patience is needed for this kind of “plant” to grow and ripen. The more you sit on it, the more better it may get.

It’s undisputable that CAT tools accelerate the translation process, but being hasty, impulsive and unnaturally swift at it is not something you should strive to do to satisfy a client who urges you and your competition.

But then again, you can not let a project fly by, can you? Of course not. You will do everything in and outside your power to set the client at ease, promise a quick delivery and opt to maintain your status of translation experts.

Hopefully there will come a time when you are not obliged to part with the project between your hands, able to look at it from many vantage points, with more opportunities to check, compare, research and put together a translation that tomorrow and even the day after it looks quite perfect or satisfactory. In your eyes and the eyes of other translation experts you may come to ask to evaluate your product.

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