Breaking away and entering competition

Translators break free when they attain a certain kind of positive attitude, when they are more than confident that they can rely on themselves first and when called for, they can ask for the help of others not feeling that they thereby lose face.

No man is an island- this very much describes also the situation of translators who need to collaborate with each other, and this is exactly what is found wanting in the Croatian landscape of people performing intellectual work. Croatia is a far too small country, with a high number of translators, competent or beneath required level, and translators who work with the same group of languages consider each other to be something akin to „archenemies“. I may be exaggerating this, but this adds to an overall feeling on my side that it is somehow impertinent and audacious to ask for favours in the form of a word of advice on this or that term applied or not applied in a given translation.

So, „isolation“ is again a word that hovers over this page and wants to be included. To get out and obtain a feeling that „we“ indeed belong (meaning translators) new venues (coworking spaces) must be sought and a new community most be formed in which solidarity prevails as a social form. A small ecosystem of people alike pushing forward each in its own business segment, but together seeking ways to improve our every day efficiency.

Coworking spaces as a new path

Coworking spaces are homes for people in the creative business. They have been initially envisioned to act as a second „home“ to individuals who spend a lot of time inside their flats or houses which they also use as their office. Freelancers can afford not to be mobile physically, but there comes a time when they want to „shake things up“, which comes due to the fact that they lack a bit of excitement and fun coming from being surrounded by people of similar interests, and especially similar business profiles. Coworking spaces could then enhance and accelerate business prospects and add valued to the translator´s profile, which also helps as an influential marketing and presentation method for the translator.

I’m at present on the look-out for such a space and weighing up the pros and cons.

The title photo shows a coworking space in Stuttgart as an example.



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