When you read your emails and you’re scanning for that new possibility of a client placing a new project before you. If the rate and deadline are OK, nothing could go wrong. These are just parameters which enable the translator (me) to begin with the work.

Translation process-It’s not that easy as it looks

When both sides agree, then comes the more harder part in the translation process. How come? First came the thrill, the complete, unperturbed joy that lasted even into seeing which language combination is required and this is when the translator could exclaim: Sure, I can do it! I’ve done it before!

Then it’s the translator’s turn. Yout turn. Will you deliver what you promised?

Growing wiser with every past move in the “game” with the client, you seem to make the client realise  that you will be the best match for the project.

So, it’s settled then. The project is yours, you are now behind the steering wheel and you’re deciding which direction the translation process is going. You’ve been given the freedom to shape the translation as you see it fit and to find solutions yourself should any problems arise.

The importance of a helping hand

You are on your own as an individual translator. Of course, you may have colleagues you know of, who could offer you assistance. In my case, I can’t just ask any of them without being reciprocal, that is, either helping them back or paying for their contrubutions. It’s of tremendous importance to know (even if not in person) other translators who can share their views on certain translation issues that you may have. That instills a feeling of security and I can’t stress how much it means for a translator struggling to do well in the course of the translation process.

Otherwise, it can be quite dauting and nervewrecking, not to say, frightening to have to work all on your own. Only the most experienced translators are in the position to feel a whole lot more confident in what they are doing. They can be more at ease when confronted with the most challenging of translation projects.

So, it’s like building on a shaky ground…

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