I’m starting off with this thought about marketing, a bit paraphrased though. If I should quote, then the thought would go like this:”The best marketng doesn’t feel like marketing at all.” These are Ann Handley’s (Twitter: @Ann Handley) words uttered at a webinar I had the opportunity to listen to, via Entrepreneur.com.

What marketing should look like

Basically, it all boils down to the necessity to make marketing invisible, unfelt and not noticeable. If we want to excell at something, then we have to do it naturally, without added pressure and freely, uncumbered. As if you really don’t want to bother, despite the fact that what you are about to do is immensely important to you.

Marketing underlies many rules, rules that are written and unwritten. Again we could be talking about the method of trials and errors, mentioned in the post about mail communication with clients, with one special ingredient: effortlessness. Whatever you do must come as it is a bare necessity, and still not forced.

Not quantity, but quality

In the webinar Ann talked alongside Joe Pulizzi (@Joe Pulizzi), another marketing expect, who went on to say that thinking in terms of quantity when doing marketing is a completely futile thing. One should concentrate on amazing content in order to attract new clients. This can not be achieved by investing more, so it’s not a matter of budget, but a matter of a brains (https://t.co/Xkfj97jUSi) and finding the best mindset and strategy.

In order for marketing to show some results, one should come through the clutter. Find a niche and create content not visible elsewhere, or mixed in a way that the content still looks fresh and relatively unique.

19 months without success

The marketing duet then went on to mention a copywriter, who inspite of blogging and creating content of value, didn’t see any results in adamantly posting day after day. No sales, inspite of a continuous stream of post. The success, as I gathered, ensued after the period of 19 months of consistent posting. So, personal traits of stubborness and persistence  are certainly qualities that are asked for if you want to make your business flourish.

Neglecting social media

This last note on social media is what really took me by surprise. It seems that Facebook or such like are no help at all for those who want to spread the word about their business. Instead there’s this list shared on the webinar, on which you can see that Linkedin or even Twitter are far better tools to use for marketing purposes.

Bottom line- amazing content, persistence, even delivering value outside products on sale


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