What do you think how much time is needed to pass between establishing yourself on the market, finding steady business clients, making sure that you have a considerable income and the moment when total strangers look you up and decide to contact you offering their own translating services?
I haven’t been that long on the market and I have already received two such enquiries. One coming from a site that publishes advertisements and where I regularly place my ad in order to be found among many other translators and agencies.
I can’t say exactly how I reacted when I saw the incoming mail. Must have been bewildered at first and found it a bit odd.

It would be normal to come to an agency and offer your services, but in my case, I’m a single person and that makes this offering slightly unusual. More unusual, because the person was no translator at all, but somehow thought it adequate to make it known that he is able to translate from German into Croatian owing to the fact that the was born in Germany and had been living there for more than 20 years.
He now returned to Croatia following a love call, as the person he wants to spend his life with doesn’t want to come back to Germany with him.
So, he is in Croatia without a job and going through the most frequent advertising sites, he decided to contact translators, thinking that his knowledge of German could be very helpful to us.
Again, he is not a translator and he didn’t hold it back that he was in the catering industry. No doubt being in Germany, immersed in the surrounding where the language is spoken, he has benefitted a lot from having the opportunity to be so close to the target language many translators translate into, but he has not viewed the language with the meticulous eyesight with which translators approach foreign languages- with analysing, comparing, adapting, storing, applying in new situations involving translation.
He simply has no mind of a translator. The fact is that he is jobless and wants to find ways how to monetarize the very many number of years he had spent in Germany.
And he obviously is trying to succeed in that.

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