The country I work in, Croatia, is surrently experiencing an upsurge in spaces offered mainly to freelancers, which you can rent (for minimum a day) and establish your business profile from there. These are so-called coworking spaces. A good way to move away from the safety of your home (if you are after some more dynamics and change of surrounding).

There are basically many occasions (those more adept and outgoing can even have a wider choice) in which you can act either as a listener and on-looker or an entrepreneur, seizing them and turning them into a real catalyst for your business in the stage of growing.

The introverted’s presentation

Presentation can be really tough if you consider yourself an introvert. It is believed that translators are especially that sort of persons. More likely if they only translate and rarely intrepret. It’s always a big challenge to equally perform the task of a translator and that of an interpreter, since both tasks require a different character from the person engaged in them.

If you are an introvert, you will very likely be at pains when the need arises to present yourself in public. You will have to shed all defences and reserves, and be ready to join a stream of people eager to socialize and with time and effort, acquire new business opportunities.

One big advantage that introverts have is that they pay much more attention to detail and they tend to invest more time and effort into what they will say. Maybe words won’t come easy, but each one of them will have a special weight and importance. This is how you should proceed when you want to present yourself.

Occasions for making a presentation

Last year I had a busy year rich in occasions, ripe for making new contacts. There were conferences (Budapest), seminars, workshops on content marketing, gatherings of women entrepreneurs…Initial meetings of special groups of people who appoint one main member among themselves, who would be an authority in a given business field,, and who would spread a good word about his/her members in order to get a project. These were all perfect occasions, even if you didn’t want to be a member of such groups (let’s say it’s a bit costly if you are just starting your business) to say a word or two about yourself. Special situations, like networking, where you have a limited amount of time (2 minutes) for presenting yourself.

It’s situations like these that are priceless, and even more so, since you have to rise to these occasions and deliver a presentation relatively memorable for the circle of people listening to you.

Keep in mind one thing though: don’t arrive with plans and expectations. Appreciate that you have opportunities and that you can mingle with people who, like you, are ready to make further steps to succeed. Who relish in the moment and don’t think too much ahead. Who seek to present themselves to others, but also want to hear how others do their own presentations.

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