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It’s coming home-recurring clients

Recurring clients- we all want them There are lots of things a translator must satisfy in order to keep working in the field of translation. The language-the tool he/she's working with. You can work with a tool if you are familiar with it. If you know how to handle...

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Devoid of expectations – just generous

“During the winter of 2015, when snow hit, he broke out his snowblower and began clearing his sidewalk. But he didn't stop there. He then started on the neighbors’ sidewalk and continued for multiple blocks. Neighbors were so impressed by his generosity that they...

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Translating territory unknown

I've never felt being part of a larger collective. If the group all consisted of translation professionals, those at the beginning of their career and those somewhere in the middle, the situation would be a whole lot different. The situation I'm currently in is such...

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How to develop healthy business amid dry spells

Dry spells to suit translators? How can such a thing, dreaded the most, be called for? It’s only natural that one tries to evade troublesome periods in business, but like with illnesses, there are certain things which you can’t control. When it hits you, you should...

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Choosing between what’s safe and what is not

God works in mysterious ways. I'll use this idea just to lead you into a story I had a role in some weeks ago. As you know, I'm walking on a path of a freelancer who has somewhat regulated his/her business form. Maybe I can be called a small entrepreneur, but I would...

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