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Written and Certified translation/ Book Translation


What other things does a translator do than mainly translate? Keep a mindful watch over the language, documenting what’s going on with it through time and incorporating those changes into the texts a client wants to translate. The texts will reflect the original document in meaning and style.

I specialize in texts from the following fields: law, public tenders, finance, economy, advertising, tourism, culture etc. and following text types: advertising, leaflets, brochures, reports, press releases, balance sheets etc. However, you are free to send texts of other nature for evaluation and I will send you an adequate quote.

Book translation is also an area I’m covering. You can read about past book translations in the section: Clients.


Conference Interpreting



This is a special kind of translation.

I recommend that you contact me as soon as you get the information that an event, or meeting is going to take place in order for me to prepare for it accordingly. Intrepreting is among the most demanding language tasks when it comes to conveying messages shortly after them being uttered and heard.

Your help as an event organizer or participant my also be very useful to bridge certain difficulties in order for the interpreting to go well and get across almost everything that is of importance to all event participants.

Contact me for further questions.

Copywriting and Content Management


I enjoy designing stories and inventing ideas which require meddling with language.

If you are an entrepreneur, in charge of a company or simply looking for new ways to market your ideas and present your products and services in order to make yourself more visible on the market, then you can share your idea and let me come up with a language approach that might fuel more interest and lead to success.

Advertising is a creative process in which language plays the most delicate part. It’s the ideas that need to be communicated, and they can be delivered through pictures, but also words. Words can definitely be a very powerful tool.

My tools are: seriousness, commitment and motivation. All this
to achieve the highest precision in translation. Almost impossible.


I´ve been present on the translation market officially since April 2015, but I have been engaged in translation in the past few years preceding my entry into the world of small entrepreneurship. I´ve also been appointed by the County Court in Zagreb, Croatia, as a certified interpreter for English, German and Hungarian and Croatian, which means that I am entitled to translate and certify documents by affixing a seal, whereby I claim that the translated document is identical in its content to the content of the original document.

Both aspects of my occupation, translation and certified translation, have many challenges. I believe that dealing with language is a very delicate and sometimes frustrating matter. To become a competent translator you must work very hard. Nothing is that fluid and unattainable as a (foreign) language. Even the attempt to be in complete command of a given language (be it your mother tongue) seems to be futile.

Still, those who persevere as I do, invest a lot of effort and time to deliver clients a target text that fulfills its communication purpose and which corresponds in its content to the given source text.

There is already a list of satisfied clients (see: Clients) that provides proof of the level of quality I’m offering. Clients tend to work with me because I work at affordable rates and I pay a lot of attention to the source text in order to arrive at the most correct version of the target text. My translations are always delivered on time, meeting deadlines, and that is surely one of the most relevant factors why clients choose to work with me and why I see myself as a competent translator.

Mariann Makrai
Translator, interpreter and court interpreter
(languages: English, German, Hungarian, Croatian)

competent English, German, Hungarian, Croatian translator
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